Graphis Advertising Award
At the Summer Olympics in London, BP sponsored 9 athletes who had overcome
adversity. Our team brought the athlete’s emotional backstories to life in
over 250 pieces of content; in pre rolls, flash and rich banners, augmented
reality cards, social media, posters, print and commercials. 
With this campaign,perception of the BP brand took a huge leap upwards,from 
negative 2.6 before the Games to a positive 5.9 during the Games,
the second 
largest gain of all major Olympic sponsors besides Visa (YouGov poll.) 
This TV spot aired leading up to the Olympics.
                      Hundreds of videos were available on Facebook and Youtube to give fans a deeper look, like this one.

Targeted rich banners gave Olympic fans the opportunity
to meet the athletes leading up to the Olympics.
To introduce the athletes, augmented reality (AR) trading cards were given
out at events and placed in Time and other magazines.
How the AR cards worked.
A second wave of rich banners during the games showcased the team behind the team.
Individual videos were produced in houuse for each athlete and used for
Pre-Roll and on rich banners. Sentiment of fans was overwhelmingly
positive. Facebook interactions were 82% positiveand the earned value
of these interactions reached over 39 million people.

  A winter broadcast spot filmed by Christopher Griffith

CLIO Sports Shortlist ​​​​​​​

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